The Bike Incident

I was talking to the husband about this the other day and it made me laugh so hard that I just had to tell it!

So, me and my family had just moved back in 1999 and a few days after we moved we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood to explore.

The whole family sets off; me and my middle sister are on our bikes and my youngest sister is walking with mom and dad.

We haven’t walked terribly far–we get to this steep hill. I decided to ride down the hill really fast because I was an egotistical show-off.

So I let gravity take over; I stick my legs out letting the pedals spin out of control.

At the perfectly timed moment I began to brake and came to a graceful stop at the bottom of the hill.

My middle sister then began to follow suit. She poised her pink bike at the top of the hill. Pink, sparkly, streamers trembled in the breeze; her pink basket and ‘Hello Kitty’ horn were a spectacular symbol of her status.

She takes off, pink helmet askew atop crooked pigtails. Her bike picks up speed, the training wheels rattling.

She takes her feet off the pedals just like I did. We’re all watching her when suddenly things start happening in slow motion it would seem.

Right around the time she should start applying the brakes…she doesn’t. My parents are shouting from the top of the hill and I’m shouting from the bottom of the hill:

“BRAKE!!! Put on your BRAKES!!!”

Slowly, I watch as she speeds past me, legs stuck out to either side, mouth open in a shrill scream, pigtails streaming out behind her.

She zooms down the hill past me, across the road, then off the road and right into a phone pole.

She falls off her bike with a grown and lies wailing in the grass.

Now when things happen fast like that, I freeze and can only observe. Mom and dad run down the hill, my youngest sister is toddling after them and I’m just sitting there on my bike at the stop sign feeling like this is all my fault.

My sister ended up being okay just really embarrassed. But at least she learned a very valuable lesson about gravity!


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