On Kayaking And Other Such Things

The husband, his siblings (and his brother in law) and me climbed aboard a colorful assortment of kayaks and canoes.

Armed with plenty of beer and whiskey we set off on our grand adventure to watch our brother-in-law go fishing.

Along the way we remarked how much we were like the fellowship of the ring.

Beer was spilt, whiskey was swigged and plenty of shenanigans ensued.

The husband’s brother paddled one of the sisters in his canoe while standing up. Then proceeded to accept my challenge to row towards the husband and I’s tandem vessel at “ramming speed.”

Our brother-in-law caught a fish, a tiny one which he then threw into the canoe much to the squealing from the sister sitting inside.

The sun set while we rowed home and us three girls were sure to capture a lot photographic evidence for Instagram.

Once we reached the shore, the husband’s brother declared he was going to jump into the middle of the lake with anyone who wanted to join him.

It was crisp and windy as I went inside debating if I should go. I forgot to pack a swimsuit and all!

But as I stood at the window looking out at the water, I had a realization that this was a moment that I could never get back…besides, my shorts were wet from kayaking anyway.

I flew down to the docks and made it to the canoe just in time.

Me and both my brother in laws set off into the dusky evening.

They rowed us out to the middle of the lake, the sun had just dipped  below the horizon.

A chilly October wind blew across my legs and arms giving me goosebumps.

“Who’s going first?” my husband’s brother asks.

“Ladies first I guess…” says the man who married his sister.

Never one to shy away from a challenge I stood up in the canoe and jumped into the water without a word.

It was cold and shocking to my skin and I surfaced with a squeal!

After getting in one by one, (and figuring out how to climb back in without tipping over) we all jumped in together with shouts and screams of how awesome it was.

We tread water and floated on our backs looking up at the sky.

As it started to get dark, we all climbed back in the canoe, almost sinking it in the process and the guys rowed us home while the breeze nipped at our exposed skin.

When we reached the dock it was dark and cold. I stood shivering in my wet t-shirt and shorts while they tied the canoe to the dock. And after we’d all got back into dry things, our adventuring selves were warmed by some stew a bonfire and s’mores.

And as I went to sleep that night, I knew those were memories that would last a lifetime.