I’ve got a belly full of booze, one thousand dreams. I write words about youth, and electric streets.

This year was my golden birthday, where the age I am this year coincides with the date I was born. And since I am always looking for an excuse to throw a party we decided to really celebrate this year.

Even though I say this about every single year, this really was the best birthday I’ve ever had. Ten of my friends were there, worlds collided because very few of these friends actually knew each other. But everyone’s energy and vibe meshed so well together, you would have thought they’d known each other for years.

We went bowling, played this dancing game on our xbox, all of us thoroughly embarrassing ourselves, lots of drinking, lots of selfies, lots of pizza, smoking on the patio, ice cream cake devoured….even the girl who delivered our pizza jumped in on the dancing and killed it!

Maybe this is going to come across as melodramatic, but this year really felt different. When I was in my early twenties I thought my twenties would last a lifetime! That I’d always be that skinny, that young, that lively.

I’m not old and gray by any stretch of the imagination, but I have now, officially, entered my late twenties. It’s kind of scary. It really is. That means that one day I’ll be in my late thirties and so on and so forth.

I felt time really soar by that night watching people who love me be happy in my home. They weren’t the people that I would have expected to be there. Old friendships that I thought would never end are starting to drift a little, new friends have entered my life. New friends that have much more in common with me than people I knew when I was ten. People whose dreams go hand in hand with mine.

These amazing people came along side of me on the night I was born, they made sure that I didn’t lift a finger, made sure that I always had a drink in my hand, and made that night one of the best I’ve had in a long time.

It was so good, that I still feel like I’m recovering, I could nap forĀ days!

I am so happy with where I am in life right now. There’s a lot I want to do, and sometimes, I feel like I missed my opportunities to do those things. But there’s still so much more to life, there are so many more seasons in my life that have yet to happen.

This year feels like a holding pattern. There’s a lot I want to do but I’m not in the place to accomplish it yet because of money or my kid or the place I live.

But I’m at peace with that, because I know I will get to chase my dreams…….this year, I’m giving them a little bit of a head start before I go wildly running after them. They don’t stand a chance.


Hello Again Old Friend

Hello blogging world, it’s been a while hasn’t it?

How are you? That’s wonderful I’m doing well myself too!

So what’s new?

I have a freaking one year old!?!? We celebrated his birthday a little while ago and it was so cute. It was a Star Wars Party and he was dressed up as a Jedi. Cuteness overload!

And my golden birthday is this weekend! I’m turning 26 on the 26th of this month! I bought a beautiful dress just for the occasion!


Life doesn’t slow down. Not one bit! Just when I think we’ve reached the summit of a rough week or month or year, another climb is ahead of us.

But maybe that’s a good way to look at life? If you keep expecting things to get easier you might find yourself dissapointed.

Life is a series of seasons.

Some of those seasons are a breeze. Others are really hard to walk through.

One of the things that makes our life hard now is the amount of stuff on our plate. The husband works a lot at the plant, I work a lot at home with my one year old and trying to keep up with things around here. We have to clean up the house together, we have to work on the forest that is our backyard when we can find the time. And on top of that, we have to make sure we’re getting time together as a family AND time together as a couple. How does one find the time to accomplish every thing on that list?

I don’t know, close your eyes as the wave crashes over and you and hope you come out on the other side alive!

But one day, our son will be able to entertain himself long enough for us to cross off things on our to-do list. The process will be more streamlined.

But, unfortunately, today is not that day.

This season is hard to walk through sometimes. But I like to remember that I’m not the only one who has walked through this phase of life, millions have done it before me and them and their families are on the other side of it all in one piece.

If they can do it, so can I, right?