Journal Prompt – July 28, 2017

What are you offering the world?

A bleeding, sensitive heart sitting right there on my sleeve.

I will literally tell you my life story with little to no prompting. But it doesn’t mean I’m conceited, no! I want you to pour your stories out right into my cupped palms. Bleed your life right into mine.

I will cry with you when you cry. Laugh with you when you laugh. Hug you upon meeting you and will literally not rest unless you’re happy and comfortable.

I will be a ray of sunshine in your life on a cloudy day. Or if you are sick of the sun I will just sit with you in silence.

I am offering the world a good friend.


*I have decided to try journaling prompts as a way to start writing again. Not all of them will be good…but at least I will be writing. Happy reading everyone.


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