Journal Prompt – August 3, 2017

What are your top 3 pet peeves?

1 – People who complain but don’t do.

Don’t get me wrong, complaining is a fine art in which I am well versed and highly enjoy partaking in. But there is a fine line between just complaining about your situation and then not doing anything about it. If you need to complain about how messed up your situation is and how mad you are at life–have at it! But don’t stop there. Take that fury and angst and channel it into doing something about the problem you’re facing. No matter how small that action may be.

2 – People who are purposefully hateful or cruel

We all do things when you’re angry, we all want to hurt people who hurt us. It’s human nature. We’re all guilty of it in some capacity. What I don’t like is when it’s a lifestyle to certain people. When I see people getting genuine enjoyment out of saying trash to others. Life is too short to be that angry.

3 – Waste

This one really grinds my gears. Waste of any kind. I am so guilty of this, for real. But when you see what our wastefulness is doing to the earth and how food waste affects those with little to nothing. It upsets me to no end.


But in everything, my philosophy is to love people…even when it’s hard. The world could do with more love and harmony and it’s good to be nice to people even when they annoy you!


Journal Prompt – August 1, 2017

Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot.

My youngest sister wrote something about me once and it never left me.

I’ll just summarize it.

There’s this song, Leaves In The River by Sea Wolf, and she said that when she listens to it she thinks about me.

From a rainy halloween night, a brick house, then to handprints in cement, there are so many things that speak to our sisterhood.

Seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes is always so interesting.

I don’t have much to say about it but that it warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes now when I listen to this song.

I will let you listen and come to your own conclusions.


Journal Prompt – August 1, 2017

List ten things that make you happy

1 – Rainy and stormy days. I love days where thick, grey clouds hover ahead. Where the wind is violent enough to not do any damage. And when you don’t need to get out, you can simply watch the rain from your window while drinking coffee and reading.

2 – A book so good you can’t put it down. A book that makes you stay up late because one. more. CHAPTER!

3 – Late night conversations. The ones that just happen with a good friend or someone you’re getting to know. The kinds where you say “I should probably go to bed” but end up talking for two more hours anyway.

4 – Finding a new song to obsess over. The kind of song that you play non-stop for a few weeks or even up to a month and makes all the other music in your library obsolete…until the next song comes along that is.

5 – The color emerald green. I have a couch in this color and I’m showing a lot of self restraint in not painting one of the walls in my house this color! It makes me feel calm and closer to the earth.

6 Р Going to the movies alone. This has been a somewhat new thing for me. The first movie I saw by myself was Joy with Jennifer Lawrence. I liked the quiet. Being able to get lost in a movie and eat my snacks in peace.

7 – Getting a package in the mail…even when I know it’s on the way. There’s something like Christmas about checking the mail everyday waiting for your delivery to come in. Running to the window anytime the mail truck comes by. I like to order things online just for that anticipation sometimes.

8 – Parties with good friends, good food and good drinks. When everyone invited just clicks. There are no awkward silences or lapses. The night just flows along with the drinks and conversations.

9 – Handwriting my thoughts. I’m very much a girl who loves her modern conveniences. I really do! One thing that I don’t shake though is handwriting notes and thoughts. I find my thoughts flow a little better and more fluently when I’m writing by hand.

10 – When you meet a stranger that you just click with! Whether it’s a chance encounter or being introduced to someone. You meet that person and feel like you’ve been friends for years! Those moments make my soul happy


What makes you happy?